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Pulse Comment: Here is the problem with 'cancel culture'
ShowDemCamp, Tomi Thomas, BlaqBonez thrill crowd at Moelogo Live in Lagos concert
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Over 700,000 people gathered in Lagos for 13th edition of The Experience Concert on Friday, Dec. 7
5 gifts to give your woman for Christmas
UPBEAT to host maiden edition of annual Christmas Carnivaland - Eat, Play & Shop this December
Anticipate! The 2nd edition of Christmas Village is back!
Nigerian veteran artiste Reminisce is our Man Crush today!
A guide to attending music concerts in Nigeria this festive period
A guide to attending large music concerts in Nigeria
Pulse List 2018: Top 5 fashion stylists of 2018
Saint Tracy Signature’s flagship store & Diamond collection launches in grand style
Olamide, Juliet Ibrahim, Chike, Sensei Uche attend MTV Base’s ‘Back To The 90s’ party
Dapo Desina Atelier drops vibrant holiday collection 'Star'
Relationship Talk With Bukky: He always wants sex as a sign of my love for him; is this true love?
Recipe of the day: How to prepare dog meat Badagry style
Today's Christian Devotion 10-12-2018
Victoria's Secret: Why did plus-size women strip to their bikini?
What is LISS cardio and should you try it?
What is dry January, exactly?
Training for Captain Marvel taught Brie Larson to love working out
Sherri Shepherd says she’s now lost 30 pounds on her no-sugar keto diet
Jenna Jameson just shared the keto menu that helped her lose 80 pounds
How to actually stick to your new year's resolution this year
How much protein is in chicken? Here's the nutritional information you need to know
Why isometrics should be part of your strength training plan
4 common relationship problems — and how to solve them
Today's Christian Devotion 09-12-2018
'Unsuitable Ties': An exclusive work of fiction by Sefi Atta [Part 4]
10 things to consider before travelling for a destination wedding
This killer biceps finisher will bring you to your knees
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Instant pot just launched a blender that can actually cook food
If you want better sex, you might want to upgrade your bedroom
How to get rid of hickeys — Fast
Gabrielle union just clapped back at haters who said she shouldn’t kiss her baby on the lips
Drop the hammer with this full-body superhero move
David Beckham used to steal his wife's beauty products for himself
8 benefits of rosehip oil for your skin
Priyanka Chopra on the most romantic things you can do for your girl and what a perfect date looks like
15 unconventional foods that Nigerians eat
Babes! Here are 5 times you should not shoot your shot at a guy
Maintenance Sex: What it means, and why your relationship needs more of it
The self-tanner Victoria's secret angels use is now for sale, and I'm already obsessed
The filthiest things you can touch at the gym, according to a real employee
Talking about your exes on a date is actually a good idea
Is vaping bad for you? Well, for starters, your e-cig vapors might contain lead
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