Cheerleader Punished for Taking a Knee Is Awarded $145,000
Cheerleader Punished for Taking a Knee Is Awarded $145,000
FIRST LOOK Louisiana Cheer Force Gold Senior Extra Small Coed 6 #FOREVERCF @LACheerForce by @New_Level_Music Part 1 of
FIRST LOOK 2019 Worlds Silver Medalist Louisiana Cheer Force Slate International Open Coed NT #FOREVERCF @LACheerForce by
2019 Silver Medalist @LACheerForce Slate is coming for the Gold this season! Music by:
DEBUT PERFORMANCE Prodigy All Stars - Blacklight SMIOC6 #PAShowcase @ProdigyAllstars Houston, TX Music by @CheerMusicPro Part 2 of
DEBUT PERFORMANCE Prodigy All Stars - Midnight MEDCOED6 #PAShowcase @ProdigyAllstars Houston, TX Music by @CheerMusicPro Part 1 of
BACK & STRONGER! NEW YEAR - NEW LEVEL! Julianna you continue to inspire! @prodigyallstars …
Prodigy All Stars - Moonlight SMJRCOED6 #PAShowcase @ProdigyAllstars Houston, TX Music by @ CheerMusicPro Part 2 of
Good morning Houston! We’re here for the debut of the strong Worlds and Summit program, @ProdigyAllstars !
The witching hour is upon us... HELLO HOUSTON!
DEBUT PERFORMANCE @RainAthletics Aqua SMSR6 Routine Under Construction Pittsburgh, PA Part 1 of
DEBUT PERFORMANCE @RainAthletics Aqua SMSR6 Routine Under Construction Pittsburgh, PA Part 2 of
[email protected] Sun Rays CHEERABILITIES Pittsburgh,
New uniforms for Woodlands Elite Generals by
FIRST LOOK @RainAthletics Aqua have clearly put in work tumbling in the off season! Huge skill jump for them!
FIRST LOOK America’s Sweet Hearts, the Hit Queens , @RainAthletics Aqua are coming aggressively into 19/20! 1 Day until @Rain_Aquaa season premiere
New Woodlands Elite senior team uniforms by
Hello Pittsburgh! Excited to visit @RainAthletics for the start of their season tomorrow & to spend some time with @Rain_Aquaa tonight!
New uniforms for Jersey All Stars Villains by
New uniforms for Cheer Express by
Tick tock.. tick tock.. …
Large Senior 2019/2020 @Senior__Elite @ShootingStarsWC @TheQueensofF5 @Orange_Rays @CA_pantherBABS What other teams have entered the division this season?
Connecting with NGB’s for a great summit on sports in the US! …
NEW MUSIC RELEASE By @CheerMusicPro @Spirit_ofTexas - A Team “LETS PLAY A GAME! POOF OR DARE!” 
NEW MUSIC RELEASE By Producer @CheerSounds @TwistandShout1 Exodus MEDCOED6 "OKLAHOMA WE'RE BACK" 
Thank you @islideusa for these comfy slides for some of our #USAcheer athletes! Mention USA Cheer when ordering your custom slides for 10% off.
This week’s mix release schedule for @CheerMusicPro ! Tuesday, Nov 5 4:00 - Galaxy All Stars - Xrays 9:00 - @Spirit_ofTexas - A Team Wednesday 9:00 - @CheerAthletics - Cheetahs Thursday 9:00 - @CheerExtreme__ - Coed Elite
New uniforms for Step Ahead Allstars by Rebel
New uniforms for Woodlands Elite Black Ops by Varsity All Star
Looking ahead to the weekend’s upcoming showcase coverage : Saturday, November 9 @RainAthletics in Pittsburgh, PA Sunday, November 10 @LACheerForce in Baton Rouge, LA @ProdigyAllstars in Houston, TX
FIRST LOOK @LetsGoRays @Peach_Rays MEDSR6 debut more their 2019/2020 routine today at the Ray’s Circus Jam! Music by @CheerMusicPro
Our first at the ACE Warriors MED SR Coed 6 from Birmingham AL
ACE Chiefs SR Open L6 Hattiesburg
#TheAwakening @TheCCSuns Lady Suns XSMSR6 The reigning World Champions debut for the 2019/2020 season! Part 2 of 2 Music by @CheerMusicPro
The pride of @TheCCSuns , and Team USA Champions - The Supernovas CHEERABILITIES Team debuts at #TheAwakening!
#TheAwakening @TheCCSuns Lady Aurora - IAG6NT The newest addition to the Cheer Central Suns worlds program! Music by @CheerMusicPro
FIRST LOOK @WE_Generals debut for the 2019/2020 in their new MEDSR6 division! Music by @CheerMusicPro
Woodlands Elite Recon Small Coed 6 @WoodlandsCheer Music by @CheerMusicPro
The 2019 silver medalist Woodlands Elite Black Ops Medium Coed 6 @WoodlandsCheer Music by @CheerMusicPro
The newest addition to @WoodlandsCheer Worlds Program! Gunsmoke in the SMOPENCOED6 division!
New Division, New Look for the 5 Star @WEGenerals from @WoodlandsCheer
Good morning from Houston, TX! @WoodlandsCheer #WEshowcase
Good morning from #MEETTHETRIBE!
WAKE UP, THE WORLD IS CHANGING (LITERALLY, LK at this second stunt and pyramid) The reigning World Champion @CSGreatWhites with an incredible 19/20 debut yesterday!
Good morning Houston, good morning @WoodlandsCheer ! Thrilled to be with one of the most talented programs in the world today for the season kick off!
#ChompDown The Reigning SILVER Medalist Cheersport Grey Reef Sharks International All Girl Level 7 @CSSharks @CSGreyReef @Audiogoldpro
#ChompDown The Reigning WORLD CHAMPIONS Cheersport Great White Sharks International All Girl Level 6 @CSSharks
One of the largest programs in the world hails from Canada !
Good morning from Toronto Ontario, Canada @CSSharks
A birthday worth celebrating Happy 121st to cheerleading! This day 121 years ago, Johnny Campbell jumped the fence at the University of Minnesota... the rest is history
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