The real dj mag should be , “who sells the most tickets.” Right now that’s ya girl @OfficialRezz and @SlanderOfficial @NGHTMRE. Most of the top 50 can’t even tour globally.
who else does this
#rewind to when I had a stupid haircut and played @coachella, and @MartinGarrix grabbed my
#Rewind to the start of my DJing
Should I release this?
Excited for this one tomorrow with @Cat_Dealers! Pre-save >
Back at @LavoNY this Friday!
I’m fucking
New remix up. Thanks @MrSuicideSheep 
Can’t wait to be back in OC on Sep 21 …
damn @LaidbackLuke x MAKJ b2b real djing set
all these fake Instagram accounts always got the hottest girls as decoys
Even the ones you think "nah they would never do me like that" will definitely do you like that
Looking like every American Airlines flight attendant
Whoaaaaa I look like I’m a trying hard dj haha
Bc you don’t even follow
Oh god, meanwhile you just texted me a collab idea hahaha
Hahahaha @3LAU not you?
who is ready for my new collab with @Deorro!!
Soon! @deorro
Like this if you think @henryfong and I should do Encore 2.0
Retumba with @Deorro is Ready 2.0
I’m kinda glad I’m releasing big room again
when ever you want to come to my show I got you
All those people who want the
This is a story to keep a lot of DJs or Artists in check when trying to be “too cool for school.”
I swear most girls In LA will snort copious amounts of cocaine, drink booze until they black out....but will draw the line at drinking cows milk
Progressive house is still so good
Comment a if you want Bootleg Pack 2!
Japan This Weekend
Am I coming to your city?
going to give out some MAKJ bootlegs, comment your email if you want them! Going back to the
Does anyone actually know what to do when people are singing happy birthday to you
Bring it Back still holding strong @Deorro @maxstylermusic @SpinninRecords
Bring it Back still holding strong @Deorro @maxstylermusic @SpinninRecords
Recording a new episode of #openformat tweet at us questions and tracks you want to hear. Cc: @KennedyJonesTHO @SIRIUSXM @InsomniacRadio
Thank you 🙏…
On Open Format I will play all types of music and share stories from the road, interview friends and just talk abou……
After my 300th episode of Revolution Radio I wanted to mix things up and launch a radio show that was representativ……
Ooooohhhhh Canadaaaaaaa 🇨🇦…
Party Til We Die just got played at the #SuperBowl2019 💃🏽 @timmytrumpet
when I hear #swedishhousemafia is going back on tour
when I hear #swedishhousemafia is going back on tour
sex is cool but have you ever spent an hour looking for a song that you only remember one lyric from and then finally finding it.
wow remember this @djsnake
This generation is so soft. Sometimes taking a L will actually help you #2019
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