DJ Dyro

Cause it's not nice?
I gotta stop snapping at flight attendants who wake me up for food.
Lose the goatee, would be my advice to anybody rocking a goatee.
These cops are insane, what the actual Fuck.
This never gets old
Go to bed Neil
Travel day(s) of hell.
Net mee begonnen ja. Die huisgenoot is fantastisch!
took me a couple seconds
Imaginary identities
Thank you
That's sick
Good lunch
So profound, such wow.
It's very demo still: good chance it'll change completely
Super excited to support @MartinGarrix Garrix at his legendary ADE show, see you there! Tickets: …
Tonight at escape and Friday at Garrix' show in the rai
wat een debiel. waarom trekken ze zo'n debiel niet achter t stuur vandaan? 
I NEED A HUGe amount of money.
Betekent dat ook dat jij voor wapenbezit bent @thierrybaudet?
I really wonder how many people are on the same page @linzheming
Might post a snip tomorrow
There was crazy application. Just enough to make It last
Yeah it's really tight
I do to; it's just too small of a niche to survive as an artist
Working on something WOLV'ISH with @JulianCalorDJ sounding.crazy!!
Yeah I know
See you there!!
Yooo I do the same thing haha
It's from his pack, yes. Didn't realized he used it in his own song also.
Go ahead!
About time we get that collab going Luke
Brand new song out today on @stmpdrcrds called "Masquerade"! This one goes off during my live shows so I'm excited for you to hear it!
Planetary …
Just finished something like that, it's called bounce back …
Dat wil ik ook graag weten haha
Are you kidding me? I would come just to see that.
Heard @timmytrumpet's cousin Vinny Violin is about to drop his first record
Lmao, that's just mean
This …
They're Dutch. Lmao, I'm so proud. …
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