DJ 3lau

thank god for festivals
Much much love
Pardon my outrageous 5am spelling
only you can decide what you care about, and how you want to be remembered
I have sonethibg for u
Ah crap I still owe u one
Love u so so so much my dude!
One of my faves
Extremely challenging and few updates
Cool eh!
When you meet a fellow @SevenLionsMusic @ILLENIUMMUSIC fan on your
I’ll be hangin around!
Oh man this looks painful but the after effect was probably amazing....
Beyond pumped
U can use anything as a marketing scheme, it might buy you manufactured relatabity, but won’t buy authenticity. The later breeds longevity, the former? Short term $ and long term irrelevance. Keep doing you :)
Yes u do
Why thank u much
3LAU - Miss Me More (Official Music Video)
Tableau or La Cave at wynn Bardot at Aria Bouchon at Venetian!
It is Blau! Which is also my last name!
U gotta say hi next time!
Everythings great! Just workin away
Much love bros!
Love that so much
A song’s play count will never quantify the depth of emotion that its listeners experience.
It was time!
I’m so glad!
Tracklist on soundcloud!
They’re back and here to stay!
Love that tune! Play it all the time :)
3LAU HAUS IS BACK. After a 1 year hiatus, mixes will be monthly again! This one's in time for Halloween... 
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Now u have to get it!
Yeeeee go knight go!
wrote something new last night
Actually tho
Love this thank u!!!
17m cash generates ab 365k risk free (according to some) which means u could spend 1k per day and never worry about anything else ever. I’ve always just found those numbers to be interesting.
I don’t tweet my true thoughts that often because I change my mind all the time & a digitally permanent opinion scares me.
I need this
Yup! Me too!
For 9 years people say 3 lau but my last name is actually Blau :)
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