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Let me find out
Who can play Good Thing on the piano now?? 
You’re gonna Louvre this one... Pre-order the Anton Lisa : …
Drop a emoji if you’re ready for the
NEW YORK. 2nd Show added and already almost sold out too.
BROOKLYN! YOU ALREADY SOLD OUT THE FIRST ONE!! If you signed up for the presale, use the same access code to get tickets for Dec 30th at @avantgbk. General on sale is at 1PM ET. LFG!
Thanks for having me …
Happy birthday @davidguetta
LONDON PRINTWORKS TONIGHT!!!! Let’s goooooooo!!!!!!!
Whaaaat? What software is that? I know in melodyne you can separate harmonies but I didn’t know there’s software that lets u isolate drums / vocals.
Happy 6th birthday, Artpop!
Ultra Australia 2020 Line-Up: DJ Snake And Zedd To Headline - Junkee
What a moment. Two days to Europe #OrbitTour!
Congrats brother. Happy for u!!!
Technology has made my life easier in so many ways, allowing me to produce anywhere and everywhere! Thanks @lenovo for having me at this intimate show & allowing me to geek out over all the newest
If you answered Yes, I’m not counting!
If you answered No, please enjoy here:
Have you seen the music video for Good Thing?
So damn true.
Halloween is over so here’s what I look like without my
Halloween is always a Good Thing
That LA cold
Good Thing is On @Spotify’s Pop Up playlist! …
Good Thing is on @AppleMusic’s Office DJ Playlist …
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Who am I showering with bubbles here?
Good Thing and Chill Thanks @AppleMusic …
Good Thing is on @AppleMusic’s Who Runs the World playlist! …
Every meeting should be a FaceTime. Every FaceTime should be a call. Every call should be an email. Every email should be a text.
AMSTERDAMMMMMM LFG Let's sell em alllllllll out! Tickets here:
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Happy Birthday @katyperry
The best things in life...
Brooke and Jaylyn get it @tiktok_us
nah it isn't always necessary to be featured or even credited imo. I have produced lots of things that I'm not credited for cause I did them for fun :). I never asked to be featured on this one so it's all cool :)
Curated a playlist of some of my favorite songs right now over on @tiktok_us. Check it out on the Sounds page!
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Laugh like everyone’s
Happy birthday Beauty And A Beat.
And yes it’s
Replying now. Text me: 310 651
310 651 7717 TEXT ME! Gonna reply to as many of u as I
Entry deadline for #goodthingchallenge on @discordapp is Oct 25!!! See the winner in Berlin
Listen to Good Thing on @AppleMusic’s A-List Pop playlist …
Yessssss!!!! @daviddobrik did the #goodthingchallenge. Let’s see those good things @jasonnash @NickAntonyan @howiemandel
The best things in life are already mine…
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