hahaha yes!
u mean we cant rave to this!?
7 but theres another at 9 with the Q&A as well
going to check out Honey Boy tonight at Arclight in hollywood. @thecampaignbook is doing a Q&A after. Very excited to experience this.
Sunday Service was a time. The energy of a choir is really powerful. Sounded great in there
tmrw @kanyewest Sunday Service giddy up
yup! its all in the execution …
Do you tip on the subtotal or total?
pssft rookies
I love hearing partial conversations as I walk by ppl in Hollywood like just now I heard.. “...and I dont want to be affiliated with sex orgies”
Parasite.. hmm interesting movie. Very good but still not sure how to feel.
went to @TheComedyStore last night and laughed at politically incorrect jokes. so glad stand-up isnt illegal yet!
that line will always be relevant
why is cancel and saved next to each other on IG stories
disappointed for sure man. opened my eyes to a lot of issues. very informative DD
my #1 lookin forward to this  wetransfer link... mp3/aiff
high speed techno
there is no sound on the surface of the moon. fact?
looking forward to this! …
it all depends I still might, gotta see how crowd is
it will be my last TJR gig for a while so it’ll be an edm & edm lite set. I doubt I’ll play any underground or techno stuff
roller skates
then def release for free on soundcloud :p
When will Apple Face ID be available with Apple Pay during checkout at Target or other places?
:) lotta fun!
thanks brother great to meet ya!
he’s probably playing when I play i looked at the club hours. u def gotta see him
mall grab is playing sound bar tnght?
didnt know ig had dark mode lol
who uses dark mode with twitter? most apps I do but my eyes just cant get adjusted. things look morr crammed
you see tonight Chicago!
prob some bounce, house, and tech
hahah yes!
This weekend plans DJing Friday: Prysm - Chicago Raving Sat: Anetha, Remco Beekwilder - LA Sun: Nina Kraviz b2b Helena Hauff, Mall Grab - LA
*vaping nicotine
I’m about to put it back up on my yt channel but thats good to hear
I’ll play a bit techy for ya …
Roxy! *but from 2010
ready! I hope the guys are too!
Boston! new show announced, see ya Nov 29th at @GrandBoston - grab tix here 
I double down on that cliché! fav set of the day …
today at crssd - dc & farina, dr rubinstein, objekt, survive, 999999999
If @PaulKrekorian looks at simple data he will see the legal market is 1/4th the size of the black market so the vape ban will be a big boost to the black market! This is not a time for knee jerk reactions, raid the illegal vendors and shops. Start ther
lol yup back to the basics
Desktop versie