DJ Laidback Luke

Ah man can’t believe you guessed it! Jk
Wow Rick it’s been ages! You and @mamabassbunny are stay at home ravers now
Yeah this would be amazing. Hope all is good Yousef, it’s been a million years!
Will check this out!
What about NYE at Audio?!
I’m happy to read this!
Not just yet, but same vibes!
Coming Strictly Techno sets I’m excited to test out the Techno I’ve been making on the side. I have 4 of them now, finishing number 5 today! When the time is right we’ll probably announce my alias name
Yes here we go!
I don’t want to waste your time but this one and next one will be longer indeed
I’d love that!
Too excited for this!
Things You Didn't Know About SHOWTEK
New club banger on Mixmash BOLD! @Kiavetta_ONeils - Fever is out today! 
Drop a remix next week..?
New VLOG tomorrow! I’m having a conversation with… I’ll leave it a surprise for now Subscribe: …
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Whoa, just heard my @knifepartyinc remix is almost at 125.000 Spotify Streams! …
Next week! #StrictlyTechno in Toronto! Tickets → …
Thanks for having me! @arieboomsma @ADnl [In Dutch] …
Thanks a lot Goran!
Thanks very much. Hope you’re well!
Noted and will check, thanks!
How amazing, see you there!
Thank you for the incredible mention!
That’s what music should do!
Happy to read that Rob!
Cheers man, nice meeting you at ADE. I’ve been mastering my own tracks from the start but I still learn new things as Sonics evolve : )
Thanks a lot Preston!
Thanks very much Josh, hope you’re well!
I would love that, thanks a lot!
Happy you like it!
Thank you for the review!
Listen to the crowd, EZoo!
That’s crazy they don’t have them anymore! I don’t know
Thanks a lot Andy!
Joining @dj_dod for Boxing Day in Liverpool! Tickets:
For all those questions on the @knifepartyinc remix ; ) Listen: … …
Thanks a lot Michael!
So happy you dig it!
Thanks Shelco!
Thanks veru much Sergio!
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Thank you!
Happy you caught this! I should play it on Boxing Night then!
I love the original but it needed that bit of extra for my sets. I Re-did the full mixdown, edited the structure and added my percussion elements. Including added layers in the sounds. You can hear it clearly on HD headphones
I’ve been so obsessed with mastering lately that people can’t hear the difference in my @knifepartyinc remix. I could’ve also called it an edit, but I did actually do a lot to it
The one is my remix, the other is the original : ) What I did to it is similar to what I did to Congorock Ivory back in the day. I’ve added a club mixdown and a Luke Progressive feel. I felt it needed a touch of that for me to play!
Happy you do Mike!
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