DJ Kura

Ahahah lit!!
Face you make when you know you fcked up
New coming your
Happy Halloween
My instagram only showing posts from 7h ago? #instagramdown
Headquarters, tens de defender o ponto e era o último vivo...
Yooo let’s do it DM
I’m cracked
Actually messi was in a 7.5 this wasn’t
honestly bro I packed this in a 7.5k pack, and messi also in a 7.5k
Forgot to say I packed this yesterday, my account is rigged
O que se passa com o YouTube em Portugal?
Bro don’t push it
this bike is worth like 3€
Sold my car, bought this bike and im moving to AMSTERDAM
I absolutely love this record
Can’t believe this! One of my luckiest FIFA packs ever!
I collect random boxers #1dad
I have the same boxers, should I challenge?
Wear your shades at night
Played @rockinrio for the first time! So proud
O emoji era a celebração do gajo
New music on @DharmaWorldwide soon!
Siiiick vídeo!!
I rate it 95
Getting kinda good in this new @CallofDuty
A minha avó está farta da dj
The time has come. I’m gonna make my first tattoo
This feeling, better than
Dia 3
Excited to drop my new EP on
Por acaso já nem estou a curitr mt os 350c mas talvez os zebra
Benjamin button
Era bom manos, mas não é real
Fire fit
Stuck on a plane inside Chicago airport. They don’t let us out. Wtf is going on?
Let’s goo :)
High mile club!
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