DJ Infected Mushroom

So excited to be back in Australia for more of just the same AMAZING TIMES!!!
Thank you
Free! iPad / iPhone Wider plugin by Infected Mushroom and Polyverse  via @YouTube
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BOISE!!! Nov 7th we're coming in MASSIVE with a DJ Set at @knitboise Can't wait, we already know it's going to be INSANE. Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
MINNEAPOLIS...we're counting down the weeks until our Live Band show at @SkywayTheatre on November 2nd. See you soon!!! Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
BERKELEY...soon we'll be partying together at @CornerstoneBerk on Nov. 15th & ready??? Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
MILWAUKEE...want to WIN a MEET & GREET with us on Nov. 1st at @TheRaveUSA ??? Enter here -  Contest ends this Friday!
Fan Packages:  General Tickets: 
MINNEAPOLIS!!! We can't wait to be back at @SkywayTheatre on Nov. 2nd with the full band. Check out our fan packages while they're still available, some of them come with a meet & greet and we want to meet you!! **links in the
We're counting down the days till we get to party with you AUSTIN!!!! This Friday October 18th, meet us at @vulcanatx ! Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
DALLAS....soon we'll be partying together!!! Meet us at @Lizard__Lounge on October 19th for a DJ Set you won't want to miss, see you soon! Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
Can’t believe to be among these names
PORTLAND...we can't wait to come party with you on Dec. 5th at @PortCityPCMH, you ready?? Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
MINNEAPOLIS...have you gotten your tickets for our Live show at @SkywayTheatre on November 2nd??? Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
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DALLAS...have you gotten your tickets for our DJ Set at @Lizard__Lounge on October 19th??? Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
See you soon @DreamNationFest...we play from 1am-2am at the trance stage on Saturday Sep. 21st!!! Tickets:  Event:
AUSTIN...we're coming for you Oct. 18th with a DJ Set at @vulcanatx !! Fan packages are now on sale, we can't wait to party with you! Fan Packages:  General Tickets: Coming soon! are now on sale for our DJ set at @RoyaleBoston November 29th!!! Fan Packages:  General Tickets:
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Just a couple more days San Francisco!!! @publicworkssf @OpulentTemple Fan Pax -  General Tix -
SAN FRANCISCO...we can't wait to party with you this Friday at @PublicWorksSF! We only have a few fan pax left so get them while you still can...see you soon!!! Fan Pax -  General Tix - pic.twitter.c
AUSTIN!!!! Tickets are now on sale for our DJ Set show at @vulcanatx October 18th. We can't wait to party with you!! Fan Pax-  General Tix-
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Coming up next week,Boston included
Amazing times thank you for having us
Thank you for having us it was AMAZINGGGGGGG
Who's ready to go INSANE at @UltraJapan ??? Tickets -
See you Saturday @chasingsum....we're on from 9:45pm-11:00pm!!! Tickets -
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See you soon Romania!!! We play on Friday from 2:30am - 4:30am at the Hangar Stage!
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This is our favorite synth at the moment, and your presets are sick!
YO AUSTRAILA + NEW ZEALAND...soon we'll be partying together!!! ***TICKET LINKS IN THE COMMENTS***
We're so happy to be back Russia!! This Thursday we're bringing the FULL LIVE BAND to @glavclub See you soon! Tickets:
Good times
On it
PARADISO!!!! We're on tomorrow from 10:50pm-12:20am at Digital Oasis, see you there!! @uscevents
FLORENCE!!! Next weekend, Sunday the 23rd of June, we will be playing at Decibel Open Air with the full band. We are so excited for this one, who will we be seeing there??? Tickets:
Tonight ultra Korea ....LIVE stage 9:30-10:30 pm
True story
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