DJ Dillon Francis

Hansel, Becky, & Preston are back to tell you that Magic Is Real for real real...
Dillon Francis feat. Vera Hotsauce - Barely Breathing [Official Lyric Video]
Dillon Francis & Nitti Gritti - Salsabahton (Shake That Booty) [Official Audio]
I think I'm being haunted by Joe Mama...
I have failed you #NoNutNovember
fact: if u never listen to my spotify playlist u may never know what good music is:
Unedited because fuck your beauty
sometimes it do be like this, sometimes it do be like that
I have the best dancers that come to my shows in – bei XS Nightclub
You already know what the fuck goin
This photo has all sorts of handsome in it @CouRageJD
be honest is it obvious i
I claim the title as first ASMR DJ...
You know what’s worse than someone telling you the dream they had last night? Nothing.
bitches will do anything for an açai bowl… i’m bitches
Movember i have arrived I’m sorry I’m
First 500 people get a special surprise.... …
American horror story: wet socks
[click here now] #Verifried
Let me know what you think after you watch it
So excited for you guys to see this interview I’ve never spoken so in depth about my process. Watch the full interview:
Dillon Francis “Still Not Butter” Official Lyrics & Meaning | VERIFRIED
Tomorrow 9am
Tag someone who deserves an
Sometimes u have to lay in bed all day watching hgtv
I always try to look my best even when I’m just taking out the trash JK GERALD I LOVE U
I have arrived
Open for
I’m in a guitar rn
Nightmare before Christmas am i right??
Nightmare before Christmas am i right? :
Would you like some wine with your cheese?
I am trying to get spooky for real real
Make stand up? Like stand up comedy? You want Florida to make stand up comedy? I’m confused... just play our new song
a couple ways to prove magic IS real this
Pressing these buttons isn’t as easy as you think...
oh you’re into EDM? name every DJ
Y’all really out here asking “what if its...” NO. I’m saying the most basic form of milk. MILK. JUST MILK.
This is a formal complaint against adults who order milk at restaurants
I still can’t believe it’s not butter. …
Should i get back on?
Happy Monday, anything is
Teaching myself to dance...
damn fuckin right my magical playlist is updated!!!! click here to listen:
I just drank coffee and I’m even more tired than before
ur new credit score has arrived it’s 69 nice
Here’s the wholesome content you need today... @deadmau5 and i dancing to “dancing queen”
Damn @EscapeHalloween isn’t
Happy Halloween
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