DJ Borgore

when im gaming on @caffeine this week  Wed Nov 6 - 7-10pm pst Thu Nov 7 - 2-5pm pst make sure u download the app and follow me!
Lunch Time season 2 premiere out now!!! we have cool ass mugs now
Nola, daddy's on his way. whos ready to party friday at @JoyTheater
Ayyyy happy to announce I’m joining @caffeine and going to start streaming weekly !!! Download the app and make sure to follow me to join playtime with daddy ! First stream tomorrow 7pm la time
thanks @EscapeHalloween and everyone who came
yo im throwing the best new years party ever at @countdown_nye and ur all invited
I had one chance to take a pic with paris hilton and I fucked it
I got a lot of love today on twitter just want to say I really appreciate it
Always pee after sex or you will get an EA Sports - it's in the game
Oh you like music? Name every sound ever
At this point even my birthday picture looks like an every
Hamster wearing armor? Ok not gonna lie he do look ready for combat
just got pulled over because apparently my vibes weren’t chill enough
yo @EscapeHalloween is next weekend. lets get fkin spooky
if you're having a bad day, watch this duck almost fall
Ayyyyy guess I’m
Everyone wearing chains and watches think how tight it would be to pull up with a crown
You know I keep that mf thang on
FOREVER IN MY DEBT LYRICS EXPLAINED. these lyrics mean a lot to me 
Borgore - Forever In My Debt (Lyrics Explained)
Don’t sleep on my album (ur allowed to sleep on my shoulder tho)
Starting the day off
Me: costco: here’s four gallons of mayonnaise. good luck with that
3 weeks until Halloween: I’m gonna come up with an awesome costume 2 weeks until Halloween: Ok nothing yet but still have time 1 week until Halloween: Oh shit Halloween: Basketball jersey
My reddit ama is happening in just two hours! leave me questions:
Yo just dropped my @diplo and friends mix on soundcloud. Check it
No matter how good I get at smash and unbeatable I think I am my friends still kick my ass
Gonna be on @reddit next monday talking about how cool my dog
Sorry babe the bucket hat stays ON during
You should it’s pretty tight
If you using items in smash we can’t be friends.
Best of season 1 Lunch Time is out now!!!
Do your chores and come to my shows this weekend. 10/4 - Flagstaff, AZ - @OrpheumFlag 10/5 - Tucson, AZ - @GentleBens
Hot girl summer is over it’s time for fluffy dog fall. go outside and pet a dog
Happy Jewish New Years guys wish y’all health success and happiness ! And more Borgore albums.
My mix is playing on @diplo and friends right now!! If you don't listen you're uninvited to my bday party …
Borgore - G.O.A.T
Something rly rly bothers me Today the flight attendant greeted me - welcome on board sir and not concentrated tired as fuck hangover me answered welcome on board.
Love you guys
Dropping a mix on @diplo's @bbc show tonight at midnight bst. My mom said it's the best mix ever so don't miss it …
Love you dude
I have a new album guys
lost lands was everything people say it is , pretty fucking awesome.
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