Bertie Ahern

Bertie Ahern says UK will retain strong links with Europe after Brexit - Irish Times
Bertie Ahern: Brexit deal addresses 'most' of Ireland's 'issues and positions' - Irish Examiner
Bertie Ahern says Good Friday Agreement can help safeguard Anglo-Irish relations - The Irish News
Bertie Ahern: Government must back May to 'avoid chaos' - Irish Times
Bertie Ahern says it's key Ireland and the EU supports Theresa May -
John Bruton and Bertie Ahern call for new Brexit poll - Irish Examiner
Bertie Ahern leads tributes at funeral of former political adviser Paddy Duffy -
Bertie Ahern, Donald Trump, Dustin the Turkey get preferences in spoiled votes - Irish Times
Paddy Duffy: Trusted adviser to Bertie Ahern during peace process - The Irish News
Paddy Duffy, former senior advisor to Bertie Ahern, dies suddenly aged 75 - Irish Mirror
Bertie Ahern's chief advisor passes away while travelling with ex-Taoiseach -
Paddy Duffy, former adviser to Bertie Ahern, has died - The Irish Times - Irish Times
Paddy Duffy, former adviser to Bertie Ahern, has died - Irish Times
Bougainville 'very happy' to have Bertie Ahern involved - Brinkwire (press release)
Bougainville 'very happy' to have Bertie Ahern involved - Radio New Zealand
Bertie Ahern is quite sure of who he is, thank you - The Times
Men responsible for securing controversial cash for Dublin coaches tell how government grants saved GAA in the ... - The Irish Sun
Bertie Ahern hears a lot of family history but learns little from it, in 'Who Do You Think You Are?' - Irish Times
Painful splits in the branches of Bertie Ahern's family tree - Irish Times
Bertie Ahern opens up about his grandfather's suicide for the first time -
Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern tells how grandfather took his own life after wife died – but his family hushed it up - The Irish Sun
Bertie Ahern explains how he helped finance the Dublin GAA revolution -
'Who Do You Think You Are?': Bertie Ahern finds relative died fighting for the Free State Army – Ireland - Infosurhoy
'Who Do You Think You Are?': Bertie Ahern finds relative died fighting for the Free State Army -
You probably won't believe how much money Bertie Ahern spent on makeup back when he was Taoiseach -
Ahern says British should not be allowed 'push and shove' without border deal -
Bertie Ahern: Ireland can't allow British to 'push and shove' into future relationship without border arrangement -
Did Leo Varadkar borrow famous Fianna Fail mantra? -
Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern says Brexit transition period won't happen until after next British general election - Irish Mirror
Bertie Ahern: Brexit transition will be delayed until after British general election - The Irish News
RTE's new schedule - Podge & Rodge return, Bertie Ahern does Who Do You Think You Are, and the Late Late goes to ... -
RTÉ new season: Bertie Ahern, Amy Huberman and Brendan O'Carroll - Irish Times
Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Former First Minister Lord David Trimble to Join Global Conflict | The Human ... - PR Newswire (press release)
Bertie Ahern believes that an election should be called next Easter - Dublin Live
Former taoiseach Bertie Ahern raises fears about North's future - Irish Examiner
Bertie Ahern raises concerns about North being left in limbo amid border battle - Irish Examiner
Bertie Ahern to deliver John Hume lecture in a Brexit-focused MacGill Summer School - Derry Journal
Bertie Ahern: Northern Ireland power vacuum always a source of trouble - The Times
Boris Johnson is a 'buffoon' who will 'ruin' Ireland – Bertie Ahern - Irish Times
Boris Johnson labelled 'buffoon' by Bertie Ahern who also warns that Theresa May could soon be on chopping block - The Irish Sun
Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern calls British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a 'buffoon' - Irish Mirror
Bertie Ahern labels UK's Foreign Secretary a 'buffoon' -
Bertie Ahern labels Boris Johnson a "buffoon" who will "ruin" Ireland - JOE
'Buffoon Boris Johnson will ruin us' - Bertie Ahern -
DUP's Foster must 'cheer up' and prove herself, says Bertie Ahern - Belfast Telegraph
Bertie Ahern: 'Arlene Foster needs to cheer up a bit' - The Irish News
'Boris will ruin us all': Bertie Ahern - Meath Chronicle
Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to give Brexit talk at Kilkenny Arts Festival - Kilkenny People
爱尔兰前总理伯蒂·埃亨(Bertie Ahern)出席行家茶道爱尔兰国际茶会 - 第一茶叶网
爱尔兰前总理伯蒂·埃亨(Bertie Ahern)出席行家茶道爱尔兰国际茶会 - TOM
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