Nordwind Airlines to established everyday flights from Voronezh to Moscow and back - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh vice-governor, who received 23 salaries, included in anti-corruption commission - https://en.crimerussia.com/
Russian Voronezh-DM Over-The-Horizon Radars Put on Combat Duty - Sputnik International
Life challenges. Why 28-year-old girl lives in Voronezh nursing home - RIA “Voronezh”
Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation agrees on Voronezh “Strategy-2035” - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh citizens to be able to track public transport in Google application - RIA “Voronezh”
79% of Voronezh residents praise work of public transport and traffic police - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh vice governor to step down after he got 23-salary retiree bonus and kept the job - https://en.crimerussia.com/
Ex-employee of Voronezh police caught drug dealing in Yekaterinburg - https://en.crimerussia.com/
Voronezh region head says 23 salaries to his deputy re-appointed as vice-governor after 2 days is legal - https://en.crimerussia.com/
Voronezh Region government announces amount of vice-governor's "golden parachute" - https://en.crimerussia.com/
Voronezh and the re-branding of post-Soviet Russia - Financial Times
Metro in Voronezh and SEZ. What Alexander Gusev says at Governor's press conference - RIA “Voronezh”
50 musicians from 8 countries to take part in Voronezh festival “Jazz Province” - RIA “Voronezh”
Preserved medallion of Italian soldier is found in Voronezh Region - RIA “Voronezh”
How Did Public Joint-stock Company “TNS energo Voronezh”'s (MCX:VRSB) 64.8% ROE Fare Against The Industry? - Simply Wall St
Armenia Airlines to launch Voronezh-Yerevan-Tel Aviv service from Oct-2018 - CAPA - Centre for Aviation
Voronezh Chertovitskoye Airport provides schedule details for Azur Air Dubai service - CAPA - Centre for Aviation
Construction of light railway in Voronezh may begin within three years - Construction.RU
Voronezh researcher: “It is impossible to get lost in our caves” - RIA “Voronezh”
“Do not force”. Philologist Maksim Krongauz speaks in Voronezh about reading with children - RIA “Voronezh”
Huge Road Accident Kills At Least 4 in Voronezh Region (VIDEO) - Sputnik International
New greenhouse “Eco-culture” to open in Voronezh Region in Summer of 2020 - RIA “Voronezh”
French company to launch production of agricultural machinery near Voronezh in 2020 - RIA “Voronezh”
Sibur adding 50ktpa TPE capacity at Voronezh site - European Rubber Journal
$220-million greenhouse complex to be built near Voronezh - Construction.RU
Barca-longa “Mercury” in Voronezh Square of Ilyich is equipped with lighting - RIA “Voronezh”
Alexander Gusev officially becomes Governor of Voronezh Region - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh runner Vsevolod Khudyakov wins Russian Championship - RIA “Voronezh”
City Day celebration programme introduced in Voronezh - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh enters top-10 of cheap cities for autumn vacations - RIA “Voronezh”
Originals of Salvador Dali are exhibited in Voronezh - RIA “Voronezh”
2 Voronezh cartoons to be introduced at International Festival in Canada - RIA “Voronezh”
Fourth MarshakFest to be held in Voronezh from October 27 to November 4 - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh Region medical institutions receive 95 ambulances - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh Aircraft Production Association completes certification of quality management system - RIA “Voronezh”
S7 to increase Moscow-Voronezh frequency in summer 2019 - CAPA - Centre for Aviation
Voronezh Chertovitskoye Airport: Antalya service extended to winter season - CAPA - Centre for Aviation
Performances of Voronezh Chamber Theater to have audio descriptions - RIA “Voronezh”
Nordwind to launch daily Moscow-Voronezh service from Oct-2018 - CAPA - Centre for Aviation
8th “Gorod-Sad” Festival gathers 280 thousand guests in Voronezh - RIA “Voronezh”
Administration of St. Petersburg to subsidize flights from Pulkovo airport to Voronezh - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh “The Snow Queen – 3” to be screened in US - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh State University enters top-100 of universities of Eurasia - RIA “Voronezh”
Voronezh enters top-10 cities popular among tourists following results of summer - RIA “Voronezh”
“Smart" traffic lights network in Voronezh to be expanded - RIA “Voronezh”
Number of Russian-Japanese “smart” traffic lights in Voronezh to grow fourfold - Construction.RU
Development of new General Layout of Voronezh to begin in September - RIA “Voronezh”
French artist paints biopainting with soot and lime in Voronezh - RIA “Voronezh”
Archaeologists: homo sapiens lived in territory of Voronezh Region 35 thousand years ago - RIA “Voronezh”
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