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RF Navy's ASW ships Onega and Naryan-Mar repelled simulated enemy's air attack in the White Sea - PortNews IAA
Scrap removal operations have begun in Kachgort Lake along Naryan-Mar - (press release)
In Naryan-Mar op 16 juni gastheer van het “all-Russian dag van bos planten” -
De conferentie van parlementariërs uit de Barentszee regio geopend in Naryan-Mar -
Vakantie in Naryan-Mar wordt verwacht op 6 juni -
De Winter weg Naryan-Mar – Usinsk gesloten tot het volgende seizoen -
Naryan-Mar to host first conference on Russia's 'Northern Deliveries' - (press release)
De eerste conferentie voor Noord levering zal plaatsvinden in Naryan-Mar -
Naryan-Mar operator takes delivery of first new helicopter in quarter century -
Arctic rescue center begins operations in Naryan-Mar - (press release)
Naryan-Mar small-sized ASW ship of the Northern Fleet accomplished training combat missions during exercises in the ... - PortNews IAA
Rostelecom raises internet speed in Naryan-Mar - Telecompaper (subscription)
Arctic telemedicine conference to take place in Naryan-Mar - (press release)
Naryan-Mar to host the Accessible Arctic international tourism forum - (press release)
Mục kích kỷ niệm tàu săn ngầm Naryan-Mar Nga tròn 25 tuổi - vietbao (lời tuyên bố phát cho các báo)
Nenets Autonomous Region to obtain ownership of Naryan-Mar Commercial ... - PortNews IAA
Katekavia T134 at Naryan-Mar on Dec 22nd 2014, pirouette and runway excursion - The Aviation Herald
Mi-8 helicopter with 6 aboard crashes in area of Naryan-Mar - Russia Beyond the Headlines
Naryan-Mar hit by extreme flood - BarentsObserver
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