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Comparing Trump’s contradictory comments on the summit between him and Vladimir Putin
Syrians flee to Israeli-occupied Golan Heights seeking refuge from offensive, are turned away
Canadian on trial in Germany for making holocaust denial videos
A quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep beneath the Earth's surface, scientists say
CEO in Alabama gives employee his car after he walks 32 kilometres to job
Florida man staged his own ‘murder’ using a weather balloon: police
Trump backtracks on comments made during summit with Putin
Donald Trump backtracks on comments made during summit with Vladimir Putin
U.S. hopes remains of at least 50 Korean War dead arrive from North Korea within 2 weeks
Who is Maria Butina, the gun activist charged with spying for Russia?
Reality check: Can U.S. politicians actually do anything about Trump’s Russia remarks?
Trump praises Putin meeting, says it went ‘even better’ than NATO summit
MGM Resorts files lawsuit against Las Vegas mass shooting victims, claims not liable for massacre
FDA approves drug for smallpox nearly 40 years after disease was eradicated — here’s why
ANALYSIS: Why Republicans won’t stand up to Trump, after he failed to stand up to Putin
Vladimir Putin interviewed by Fox News, grilled on why his critics ‘end up dead’
Russian media declares ‘Putin assured the world’ he didn’t meddle in 2016 U.S. election
Fox News’ Sean Hannity praises Donald Trump’s post-Putin press conference
Pennsylvania woman charged after baby’s death blamed on drugs in breast milk
Obama warns against ‘strongman politics’, experts believe speech rebuked Trump
Barack Obama to deliver highest-profile speech since leaving office
Scott Thompson: What is in the Trump-Putin bromance for America?
Bill Kelly: Trump is taking America to a dark place
Tesla shares fall after Elon Musk calls Thai cave rescuer ‘pedo guy’
‘The most serious mistake of his presidency’: Top Republicans blast Trump over Putin summit
Why Russian officials were gleeful at Trump's diplomatic train wreck
Authorities hunt for possible serial killer in Houston
Handful of soccer players rescued from Thai cave face statelessness upon hospital release
Thai cave rescuer called ‘pedo-guy’ by Elon Musk suggests he might take legal action
Bryce Harper wins Home Run Derby in front of Nats home crowd
Thai officials release video of boys thanking rescuers for saving them from Tham Luang cave
Mob kills nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge attack after man dies at Indonesia breeding ground
Protests spread, turn deadly in Iraq
Baby Trump blimp heads for U.S. ahead of midterm elections
Lava explosion off Hawaii’s Big Island sends molten rock crashing through tour boat roof
Colon cancer blood test may reveal surprises
Lawmakers introduce bill banning 'gay and trans panic defense'
Woman survives on water from moss for 7 days after Jeep goes over cliff
New York Times' Trump-Putin cartoon criticized as 'homophobic'
Fox News and Fox Business offer sharp criticism of Trump in Helsinki
Are probiotics safe? Study shows we really don't know
Feds: Russian woman was foreign agent who eyed NRA, politicians
‘Come on, grandpa’: Florida police officer heckles slow ‘pedestrian’
Russian woman living in U.S. arrested, charged with being a foreign agent
How to shop Canadian at the grocery store
Judge halts deportations of reunited migrant families
Fact check: Trump promoted conspiracy theories. Here's the truth.
Long road ahead for Charlottesville's new police chief
To live a rich life, focus on these five things
India WhatsApp killings: Why mobs are lynching outsiders over fake videos
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