Nigeria Science & Technology News

Scientists discover new species of exploding ant
Taxify introduces SOS button for drivers’ safety
How to stay safe on social media
With Puricare LG gives consumers cleaner air
Rakuten weighs $1.8 billion bond issue to launch mobile service: Nikkei
German lawmakers to grill Facebook manager on data privacy
TSMC's smartphone warning points squarely at Apple: analysts
Exclusive: Facebook to put 1.5 billion users out of reach of new EU privacy law
British lawmakers to interview Cambridge academic Kogan over Facebook data
ZTE woes may boost network rivals Ericsson and Nokia
Lyft to offset emissions from rides with projects combating climate change
U.S. ban on sales to ZTE triggers patriotic rhetoric in China
Qualcomm concessions insufficient to clinch NXP deal: commerce ministry
Alibaba to invest $320 million in Thailand, as rivals boost presence
Catholic knights kick against abortion, cloning, IVF, others
Africa Arts and Technology Exhibition: Telling the true Africa story through innovations, inventions
Associated air crash: Flight crew ignored warning signs – AIB
Russian research institute develops new HIV medicine
Court stops planned sale of 9Mobile, as shareholders demand $43.33m refund
‘Capacity building, powerful for cyber resilient security organizations’
Yudala, Konga merger kick starts consolidation of Nigeria’s e-commerce sector
Oradian to grow MFIs customer base by 30% with Cloud-based toolset
Smile gives customers 1GB data for 1yr
Diamond Bank targets 1m more customers with DreamVille
Rack centre nominated for Data Centre Solutions Awards
Researchers establish link between hormone, generosity in birds
Cactus roots inspire creation of water-retaining material
Agreement renewal bolsters liver tumor research
U-M breaks ground on Ford Robotics Building
Baby fish led astray by high CO2 in oceans
To shore up beaches, just add sand?
Mississippi River Delta will lose more land than can be reclaimed
VICC breast cancer leaders named Komen Scholars
Natural gas inventories end heating season at the lowest level since 2014
Summer gasoline prices expected to be highest in four years
Tiny probe can see and take body temperatures
Obesity is shifting cancer to young adults
U.S. Gulf of Mexico crude oil production to continue at record highs through 2019
SSTL and Goonhilly Earth Station Sign Collaboration Agreement with ESA for Commercial Lunar Missions
Minister seeks legislation to criminalize breach of local content
What hurts a battery? – Project “ReViSEDBatt“ launched to identify the causal mechanisms for damage from mechanical stresses
One string to rule them all
Scientists identify a way to increase the lifespan of fruit flies
Deploy infrastructure in 1 year or lose licence, NCC tells Infracos
AIY Projects 2: Google’s AIY Projects Kits get an upgrade
Workplace anxiety can be good or bad for your performance
Parents should eat healthy and exercise more before conception
Convenient charging of electric vehicles without the need for a card or app
The right crust: finding Earth’s early pulse
Viruses can evolve in parallel in related species
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