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There’s Nothing Sketchy About Cross-Gender Friendships in the Church
The Top Bible Verses of 2018 Don’t Come from Jesus or Paul
The Most Wonderfully Painful Time of the Year
Technology, Politics, and Evangelicalism’s Good News
Winter Storm Causes Icy Roads Across Swath of South
Backlash Ensues After Minnesota State University Professor Tweets God ‘Impregnated’ Mary Without ‘Consent’
Average US Price of Gas Drops 22 Cents Per Gallon to $2.51
Lauren Daigle Visits Children's Hospital, Meets One Patient Who She Says Changed Her Life
Virginia Teacher Fired After Declining to Use Masculine Pronouns for Girl Who Identifies as Boy
Swath of South Faces Wintry Mess: Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain
'I Know It's Hard Times': Tyler Perry's Christmas Surprise to 1,500 Walmart Customers
'Focus on the Family' Premieres New Short-Form Comedy Series on YouTube 
For G20 leaders, greater problems yet to come
Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations to Hanukkah Dedication of Altar for the Third Temple
Privacy shocker: Customer-service agents monitor as you type
Rioting Engulfs Paris as Anger Grows Over High French Taxes
NATO Chief Demands Russia Release Ukrainian Ships, Sailors
Russia sharply increases number of troops along Ukraine border
Battle of Wills: Tiny Order of French Nuns Takes on Vatican
Trump Says Chief of Staff John Kelly Will Leave His Job at End of the Year
Trump Picks Army Chief of Staff as Next Top Military Adviser
Why Homeschooling for Religious Reasons May Take a Hit
Hear the Sound of the Martian Wind From New NASA Lander
What We Long for the Church to Do about Sexual Violence
The Strange Journey of Christian Rock and Roll
John Chau, Missions, and Spreading Disease: What Do We Really Know?
Interview: How to Do Kids’ Discipleship in the Woods
I Was a Comedian First and an Atheist Second
Our Christmas Campaign continues
“Panic-like selling” grips Wall Street as the economic numbers point to “a lot of unpleasant things that nobody wants to admit”
‘Church Planter,’ Faith-Based CEO Promotes MMA ‘Fight Night’ With ‘Vegas-Style Casino Games,’ Beer to Support Youth
Ohio State U student government wants mandatory ‘LGBT safe zone’ training for residential advisers
Gosnell movie ignored in abortionist’s hometown, Philadelphia journalist says
WATCH: Top pro-life activist exposes Western nations imposing abortion on Africa
At UN, US fights uphill battle eliminating pro-abortion terms from policy
Trump’s next UN ambassador must be more pro-life than Nikki Haley
Planned Parenthood Pushes to Kill Iowa's Fetal Heartbeat Law
'No Safe Blow to the Head': Why One Season of Childhood Football Likely Means Irreversible Brain Damage
Pro-lifers rejoice as medical board revokes notorious Florida abortionist’s license
Robert Jeffress Slams Teacher's Claim That Virgin Mary Pregnancy Was a Divine Sexual Assault
Honoring President George HW Bush: Special Weekend Coverage
Netflix tells kids to ‘learn’ about sex from R-rated American Pie films as Ontario repeals sex-ed
School principal bans candy canes believing J-shape represents Jesus
BREAKING: Trump nominates attorney general with anti-Roe v Wade past
Christian businessman goes to prison for helping child escape court-imposed lesbian ‘mother’
‘Satan’s greetings’: Satanists erect diabolic display alongside Nativity set in Illinois Statehouse
UPDATE: Virginia school board fires teacher who refused to call female student ‘he’ or ‘him’
'Revival': Unique Gospel Musical About the Life of Jesus Christ Hits Theaters
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