Man dead, woman wounded in Toronto shooting dlvr.it/QLRhbM https://t.co/Ois5XBED4k
RCMP move to arrest pipeline protesters dlvr.it/QLRCR9 https://t.co/STZT98CjS3
Summer jobs programs in limbo amid box-checking confusion dlvr.it/QLQdyL https://t.co/QLy3WPnBU4
Horwath promises full dental coverage, says NDP will convert student loans to grants dlvr.it/QLQf0H https://t.co/zEwCvMQx3m
Elderly woman's foot run over by SUV in Burlington dlvr.it/QLQdzs https://t.co/ksfe3i9RsV
Trump lauds firing of ex-top FBI official as 'great day' dlvr.it/QLQ181 https://t.co/AMRGU5Yz0L
Ontario voters to cast ballot for Doug Ford, poll says dlvr.it/QLPF85 https://t.co/GXj2lILjuI
Trump's possible China tariffs send opponents scrambling dlvr.it/QLNPjm https://t.co/9EMwKaolwM
North Korean minister meets again with Swedish counterpart dlvr.it/QLNPb3 https://t.co/eIBCbPf7Yy
Fire chief pitches parking closer to hydrants dlvr.it/QLNPlf https://t.co/YbJ5uW294D
Canada sending aviation task force to Mali dlvr.it/QLLPXz https://t.co/KT6rLk29Rx
Halton police chief chooses naloxone for front line despite SIU investigations dlvr.it/QLKpyg https://t.co/UPODQ2d6UO
Society can help prevent domestic violence:experts dlvr.it/QLK66N https://t.co/LH7McLvQEJ
New poll suggests Ford top pick for premier dlvr.it/QLK658 https://t.co/eWrGoNzAEH
Acton's Yes to the Dress event showcases most donations to date dlvr.it/QLK5yH https://t.co/p2K6QjZTVN
B.C., three northwest U.S. states strengthen ties dlvr.it/QLJJCQ https://t.co/uDFzFc0zQn
Police say Indiana man took taxi to and from bank robbery dlvr.it/QLHHYH https://t.co/JatDQsruwk
Manufacturing sales fell 1.0% in January dlvr.it/QLG6CS https://t.co/dhPnBYwoPQ
B.C. motorist fined after reporting student driver dlvr.it/QLG6Nw https://t.co/0HeQqGNLlC
No optimal level for household debt: feds dlvr.it/QLF3Wx https://t.co/Hq5BKZVO55
Man charged with killing woman, two teens dlvr.it/QLCcp8 https://t.co/4l4TILjJ0g
Jailed 'honour killing' mother ordered deported dlvr.it/QLByMK https://t.co/ydqGtJtVLp
Two more recovering from suspected overdoses dlvr.it/QLB7L2 https://t.co/S6ZscjJxJn
Roundabout to be installed at Louis St. Laurent and Yates dlvr.it/QLB7KV https://t.co/kKgPO7jnJO
Police search for offender on Canada-wide warrant dlvr.it/QLB7Ln https://t.co/IBlHhVvqPH
Sino-Forest Corp. co-founder guilty of fraud dlvr.it/QL99cQ https://t.co/UavwRrgx0O
Two unlocked cars stolen while warming up in Milton Thursday morning dlvr.it/QL84PV https://t.co/P0KpDjPzEg
UPDATE: Driver injured in multi-vehicle crash early Thursday on QEW dlvr.it/QL6vnX https://t.co/XYIO2knerL
Household debt-to-income ratio edges lower dlvr.it/QL6vrF https://t.co/RqmAl7cDWk
Treating the dangerous mentally ill offenders differently dlvr.it/QL5qfw https://t.co/Kx7E6Anw8S
Protesters seeking to stop Trans Mountain: court dlvr.it/QL4J6T https://t.co/kT2yl3ptnB
Police arrest man in alleged double homicide dlvr.it/QL3grh https://t.co/EbweE3AvTM
Three Hamilton men charged with possessing child pornography dlvr.it/QL2wfk https://t.co/LdzuHP0XSq
Ottawa to spend $500M on carbon-cutting ideas dlvr.it/QL2wgB https://t.co/HrXe5YqrQ5
B.C. climber remembered as inspiring speaker dlvr.it/QL2wZJ https://t.co/DeCQ0PF5CD
Burlington man charged after Syrians lose over $200,000 in immigration fraud: police
Toys "R" Us Canada stores stay open amid U.K. closures dlvr.it/QL1vvG https://t.co/960P5KwTIJ
Peladeau says Quebecor has $2B available dlvr.it/QL0lN6 https://t.co/tYqtETLVng
Oakville Petro-Can gas station robbed overnight dlvr.it/QKzWqk https://t.co/czV8pFrUOk
Freeland condemns U.K. chemical attack dlvr.it/QKzWjG https://t.co/27cVVJEzFG
Stephen Hawking was no stranger to Canada dlvr.it/QKyRZ9 https://t.co/QSs1IQhe3p
WAR BOOTY: Creepy hobby, historically important, or the spoils of war? dlvr.it/QKx1qT https://t.co/3QS9lPH8tf
Pair arrested on 2005 animal cruelty charges dlvr.it/QKwKMj https://t.co/qN56xKcgrf
Facts on Canada's steel, aluminum industries dlvr.it/QKvWNR https://t.co/dGKaZHh2ZT
Date change for City of Burlington's Official Plan recommendation dlvr.it/QKvWDh https://t.co/DeGatTiogV
Canada protecting steel industry, Trudeau says dlvr.it/QKvWMD https://t.co/ryUmMvjieO
Meeting to recommend adoption of Burlington's proposed new Official Plan moved to April 24 and 25
Canada's bank CEOs earn $53.6 million in 2017 dlvr.it/QKtVnM https://t.co/PHYgB5H3Ks
GTA luxury home sales down 60 per cent: report dlvr.it/QKsP2D https://t.co/OgCvEgdGZw
University seeks evidence in alleged cheating dlvr.it/QKrBGf https://t.co/kWCpRSlYEm
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