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No rest for the retired: Opioid crisis fills empty nests as grandparents step up
What's the difference between a supervised consumption site and an overdose prevention site?
Spread of Guinea worm disease in South Sudan ceases
Softball coach calls out league policy on transgender players, sparks national response
Senior in hospital for 39 days charged for bedside phone for nearly 3 years
'I felt like an afterthought': How this woman aims to change the childbirth experience in Ontario hospitals
Listeriosis outbreak linked to processed meat threatens 16 countries in Africa, WHO says
Ailing Ontario man stuck in U.S. hospital because insurance company can't find bed back home
'We're failing some children:' Women struggling to put food on table may be less likely to keep breastfeeding
Public smoking ban sparks anger from Hampstead residents
Far-reaching smoking ban leaves some Hampstead residents fuming
Patient details in the recycling? Hospitals should cut down on paper to protect privacy: study
Ontario Liberals would make prescription drugs free for people 65 and older
Hidden camera reveals security breach at Hull Hospital lab
What are the party leaders' plans for health care in Ontario? This patient advocate wants to know
Delirium 'a dreaded scourge' underdiagnosed in hospitals
Are scientists male or female? See how kids draw them
Trump calls for death penalty to 'get tough' on drug pushers
Health Canada proposes strict limits on marijuana packaging, production
For menopause sex discomfort, gel worked as well as hormone
Trump to unveil opioid plan that includes death penalty for drug dealers: White House
Vibrating muscles help arm amputees 'feel' their prosthetic hand movements, study suggests
'We have to try something': Drug inhalation site aims to give users a safer space
SECOND OPINION | Chiropractic critics being monitored by Ontario's College of Chiropractors
Platypus milk has protein with potential to fight superbugs
Costco under investigation by Ontario forensic team over drug company payments
'So many of us were cheated': Fertility clinic storage tank failures forge lost legacies, heartbreak
Benefits of weight loss spread within couples in 'ripple effect,' study suggests
Men 'getting the message' in the wake of #MeToo, says local counselling service
Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study
B.C., Ontario home to Canada's highest concentration of vegetarians and vegans, survey finds
Residential school survivors and their descendants show poorer health outcomes: survey
Calgary researchers develop tool to literally shine light on concussions
Researchers testing fluorescent dyes that make cancer cells glow and easier for surgeons to remove
Home chefs selling direct to public: The future of dining, or half-baked trend?
Why should physicians give up pay raises to subsidize government waste?
Should police be investigated if someone dies after they administer a life-saving drug?
B.C. government makes hepatitis C treatment available to all residents
B.C. government makes hepatitis C treatment available to all citizens
Quebec tightening control on sales of high-alcohol mixed drinks
Hip and waist size may play role in heart attack risk for women, study says
Men don't need routine digital rectal exams at family doctor to screen for prostate cancer, review finds
Edmonton in-vitro patient in 4-year battle to learn fate of unused embryo
Artists fine-tune their bodies at specialized Toronto clinic
SECOND OPINION | A drug that's like buying a house every year
The backlash against Weight Watchers' program for teens is an absurd overreaction
Invasive Group A strep cases rising, but the reason is a medical mystery
'Into the dark': With just months to go before legalization, federal government funds marijuana research
City of Vancouver calls for decriminalization of drug possession
'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli gets 7 years in securities fraud case
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