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'I don't want to die alone in an alley': Finding sanctuary at the Moss Park Overdose Prevention Site
'An amazing Christmas gift:' 6-month-old hears for first time
Child abuse rises after Friday report cards, U.S. study indicates
19% of women, 13% of men report workplace harassment in StatsCan survey
Most teen drug use down in U.S., but officials fret vaping boom
'Are we going to play?' Alberta boy with rare illness no big deal for classmates
Why advocates say a medical devices registry could make the lives of millions of Canadians safer
Canadian advocates call for all medical implants to be registered
Some cauliflower, red and green lettuce sold in Canada recalled after U.S. investigation
Flu numbers in N.W.T.'s Beaufort Delta region hit 5-year high
Cooking as a prescription for depression? Occupational therapy gains traction in mental health treatment
Chiropractor accused of professional misconduct now facing competency hearing
Can the design of a running shoe help prevent injury? A B.C. researcher says he has the answer
N.W.T. privacy commissioner to investigate 'major breach' of health data found at dump
A transplanted pig's heart lives for months in a baboon — is a human trial next?
Ford government to resume arbitration hearings with OMA
'Young miracle:' Baby recovers from Ebola in Congo outbreak
Girl, 2, survives 'drastic' surgery to reconstruct her skull
No one knew retired firefighter 'Captain Bob' was struggling with PTSD. Now his peers are learning the signs
'It's creepy': Security cameras spotted in plastic surgeon's consult room
Hundreds of N.W.T. health records found at Fort Simpson dump
Supreme Court rejects appeal to speed up challenge to assisted dying restriction
E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce traced to at least 1 California farm
U by Kotex Sleek tampons recalled in Canada and U.S.
'I had no self-worth': The language around addiction can make it harder for people to recover
First child in Canada undergoes deep brain stimulation for epilepsy, hospital says
Certain devices can mitigate the risks of Type 1 diabetes — but only for those who can afford them
Diplomats in Cuba health mystery showed inner-ear damage early on, research shows
'We have a really dysfunctional system': advocate calls for improved services for children with special needs
Safer opioids needed to stem overdose epidemic, Canada's top doctor says
'Who decides whether you're dead?': Ontario court case could prove precedent-setting
Microbes that live at the gym are pumped up on antibiotic resistance
Ford government move to bail on binding arbitration with doctors 'affront to the law,' OMA says
Sheldon Kennedy steps down from child-advocacy centre named after him
As Manitoba fights one of Canada's highest tuberculosis rates, researchers say better data offers an antidote
Nurse urges Albertans to test after she finds unsafe radon levels in her family's home
Turn up early, come prepared: Tips for surviving an ER visit
Moving to another province? You might not get health care, even if you're Canadian
Did nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer kill a 9th person? Court order raises questions
New Zealand law to make medical marijuana widely available
Poverty reduction and prevention part of TB elimination plan for Inuit communities
Tennis tops list of sports for increasing life expectancy
Hamilton looks at buying menstrual products for low-income women and girls
Flour, frozen fruit get increased subsidies in major Nutrition North update
'Unprecedented' drug shortages affecting many Canadians, new survey suggests
High rate of pseudoseizures among Yazidi refugees spurs call for more support
Advocates urge more support for Yazidi refugees suffering seizures from PTSD
Teen vaping in Canada has taken a 'worrisome' turn
'It never killed anybody': Is this drink really a new 'alcohol alternative'?
Ebola spreads to major Congo city
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