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Cold ham and mustard macaroni salad is your go-to potluck dish
Notice of Health Canada’s Proposal to Enable the Use of Protein-glutaminase from Chryseobacterium proteolyticum AE-PG as a Food Enzyme in Various Standardized and Unstandardized Foods – Reference Number: NOP/ADP-0030
A leek and goat cheese omelette is savoury and a touch sweet
Jewish comfort food with a big slice of nostalgia
Ricardo’s take on squash coffee cake
Head to your garden for tomatoes to amp up this confit spaghettini dish
Thanksgiving dinner hosting: the 7-tip crash course
Make Ricardo’s red wine-braised partridge
Five undervalued wines for fall
We liked them so much we bought the chickens
Mississauga’s Laari Adda has Pakistani truck stop food with an edge
Chicken and cheese-stuffed potatoes is perfect fall comfort food
Elevate the humble chickpea with this fall curry
Red Delicious? Out. Honey Crisp? In. Inside the complicated business of apple farming
Niçoise soup is a sandwich’s best friend
Niçoise soup
Apple, molasses muffins will delight your taste buds
Ontario’s secret to spellbindingly good wine
Made from scratch or store-bought? We did a taste test on Thanksgiving sides
Spice up chicken rolls with chili sauce
Cream of zucchini soup is healthy comfort food
Sheet pan fish and chips are so tasty, you won’t miss the deep fryer
Add Moroccan-inspired flavour to your chicken and rice with prunes and a spiced tomato sauce
Was the sushi pizza invented in Toronto?
This food critic says maple syrup is for saps
Carrot purée and potato gratin amp up classic mac and cheese
You either love or hate mooncake - but I always loved it
Top winemaker from Chablis creates a pure and transparent Chardonnay in Ontario
Thornhill’s Frilu brings four-star downtown tasting menu experience uptown
Make your pasta healthier by pairing zucchini noodles with spaghetti and a fresh-tomato rosé sauce
Honey Cilantro Barbecue Wings
Is this the last straw? Firms innovate to move beyond plastic
Markham chef teaches revolution of French pastry with Asian flair
‘High-quality’ Ontario garlic, superior to imports, is growing in popularity
Notice of Health Canada’s Proposal to Enable the Use of Ground Limestone as a Colouring Agent in Unstandardized Confectionery – Reference Number: NOP/ADP-0029
Health Canada’s ban on partially hydrogenated oils
Enjoy a little surf and turf with this ground pork and shrimp ramen soup
Quail confit with garlic and thyme is perfect any day of the week
Mashed potatoes meet chicken in this crispy chicken patty — no bun required
Congee is comfort food for a world of cultures
Budget-conscious wine collectors will love the affordable and age-worthy reds on the shelves now, and love them even more later
Shake up your salad routine with crunchy slaw and tender pork chops
Update your grilled cheese sandwich with an open-faced turkey and pear version
Loaded with herbs like parsley and basil, this pasta dish is the ultimate guilt-free indulgence
Poll: Teens say social media makes them feel better
Why affogato is an ideal pick-me-up
From ‘Top Chef’ stardom to bankruptcy: The rise and fall of Mike Isabella
Pass (on) the bottle: Canned wine is on the rise
Avo and guac among 840 words added to Merriam-Webster online dictionary
Surprise: this Mexican-inspired breakfast scramble doesn’t require eggs
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