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First World War soldiers come to vivid life in They Shall Not Grow Old, screening on Monday across Toronto
How ‘Superman’ gave rise to superhero movies 40 years ago
Emily Blunt on the ‘daunting’ task of playing Mary Poppins: ‘I just read the books’
Mary Queen of Scots’s story is throne for a loss
The Mule is a kick — and Clint Eastwood is still a bloomin’ marvel
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse weaves a tangled but tantalizing web
Mortal Engines’ city on the move leaves characters flattened
Ben is Back’s addiction story gets its hooks into you
Blaze, Ethan Hawke’s musical biopic introduces an unsung genius
Mortal Engines star Hera Hilmar wears scar proudly
Snubs abound but A Star Is Born tops SAG Awards nominations
Once Upon a Deadpool has fun cashing in, and so do we
Mary Queen of Scots: Off with her head and to hell with the facts
Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma is the top movie of 2018 for Toronto’s film critics
With Kevin Hart’s downfall, hosting the Oscars got harder
Kevin Hart steps down as 2019 Oscars host after backlash over homophobic comments
The Favourite earns its Oscar buzz as a royally good time in very bad company
Divide and Conquer doc details Fox News founder’s sexual scandals and a lot more that’s appalling
Anna and the Apocalypse not quite dead, but not lively enough
TIFF strategically trades champagne for screen time for Canada’s Top Ten movies
How Green Book became this year’s polarizing awards contender
Why Crazy Rich Asians flopped in China
Margot Robbie sees gender politics in centuries-old royal rumble
Mary Poppins Returns is a hit with many of those at the Los Angeles premiere
Trailer Park Boys actress Shelley Thompson to direct first feature film after winning award
Seven ways to fix the seasonal calamity that is Love Actually
Last surviving Nazi prosecutor Ben Ferencz gets due tribute in ‘Prosecuting Evil’
Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma is a masterpiece
The incredible journey of Yalitza Aparicio, Roma’s accidental star
The Sundance Film Festival’s anticipated premieres include the Canadian documentary Anthropocene and a making-of doc about Alien
Why do so many actors become real-life heroes? They’ve been practising
The Rider tops Gotham indie film awards, an Oscar bellwether
Why most Canadians won’t see Oscar contender Roma at their local cinema
She is getting buzz for playing two queens, Anne and Elizabeth II, but Olivia Colman doesn’t love the spotlight
Is horror the new date movie?
At Eternity’s Gate paints van Gogh as an ecstatic punk
Wreck-It Ralph rocks VR at the Rec Room
The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret keeps the #MeToo conversation alive
Cannes prizewinning film Border is on the edge between ‘normal’ and bizarre
The Wild Pear Tree is time and brain power very well spent.
Creed II shows the Rocky saga still has punch
Robin Hood is a wretched, revisionist return to not-so-merry Olde England
Wreck-It Ralph finally gives the internet what it deserves in Ralph Breaks the Internet
Scorsese feted at MoMA by friends De Niro, DiCaprio, Keitel, Hill
Fantastic Beasts’ Redmayne now builds career around family
Director Steve McQueen wants to disrupt the heist — and any other genre
Green Book is a winning southern road trip of comedy and enlightenment
Director Steve McQueen brings unexpected depth to women’s crime story Widows
The Woman Who Loves Giraffes is an all-too-human story, too
The new Fantastic Beasts should be put down
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