Ebola News

Experimental Ebola Vaccine Can Be Used in Latest Outbreak, W.H.O. Says
Ebola Poses High Risk in Congo, W.H.O. Says
The Latest Ebola Outbreak Is Centered in a War Zone
Deadly Ebola Strikes Anew, a Week After Previous Outbreak Was Extinguished
Time to deliver: new ebola findings highlight the need to improve evidence and interventions for pregnant women - Reliefweb
Denver Greyhound bus quarantined after suspected Ebola case - Becker's Hospital Review
Continued risk of Ebola virus outbreak - Nature.com
New Species of Ebola Discovered - The Scientist
Ebola Medals returned to the UK Government in protest - The Lancet
Potent antibodies against three Ebola viruses - Science Daily
Denver hospital deals with Ebola virus scare - Globalnews.ca
Ebola scare at Denver hospital after patient exhibits symptoms - USA TODAY
Book lifts lid on litany of mistakes in Ebola outbreak that killed ... - The Guardian
Denver Health patient tests negative for Ebola - 9News.com KUSA
WHO: Congo Ebola Outbreak Over - Infectious Disease Advisor
A new Ebola species has been found in bats in Sierra Leone - Science News (blog)
Welsh doctor hands back Ebola medal over NHS policy - BBC News
Bat DNA hosts stolen Ebola genes - Cosmos
Oxfam reaction to announcement on end of Ebola in DRC - Oxfam New Zealand (press release) (blog)
For The First Time, a Female Survivor of Ebola Has Transmitted The Infection - ScienceAlert
Why bats stole a gene from an Ebola ancestor - Futurity: Research News
We've halted the spread of deadly Ebola in Congo – so what went ... - The Guardian
Ebola outbreak in Congo declared over, but the risk can remain - CNN
Ebola Outbreak in Congo Has Ended, W.H.O. Says
Africa's latest Ebola outbreak comes to swift end - Nature.com
Why Ebola survivors are suing Sierra Leone - Aljazeera.com
For the First Time, a Female Ebola Survivor Infects Others
Ebola heroes to protest over migrants being denied NHS healthcare - The Guardian
Ebola: How a killer disease was stopped in its tracks - BBC News
Congo's Ebola outbreak is all but over. Did an experimental vaccine help? - Science Magazine
Broadly acting antibodies found in plasma of Ebola survivors - National Institutes of Health (press release)
Ebola Outbreak in Central Africa Is ‘Largely Contained’
China May Compete for Limited Opportunities to Test Ebola Vaccine - Scientific American
Crimean-Congo: The 'Asian Ebola' Virus - American Council on Science and Health
Ebola outbreak in DRC is 'ongoing' but WHO is 'cautiously optimistic' - CNN
Congo Ebola outbreak stabilising, WHO optimistic - The Star, Kenya
Ebola outbreak in the DRC is a 'race against time', aid worker warns - Daily Mail
Move by China could undermine Merck, Johnson & Johnson efforts on Ebola vaccine - STAT
WHO chief says Ebola outbreak in Congo is stabilising - Reuters
FDA Sues Company That Claimed Its Hand Sanitizers Could Protect Against Ebola and MRSA - Gizmodo
Angola shuts its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo to contain Ebola outbreak that is feared to have killed 25 - Daily Mail
Experimental drugs approved for use in Congo Ebola outbreak - CNN
Insurance products for Ebola, Meningitis, Lassa fever underway - Vanguard
Congo remains on high alert in Ebola outbreak's shadow - Arkansas Online
Seven new suspected Ebola cases reported in DRC - Aljazeera.com
Ebola: FAAN Intensifies screening at International airports - Guardian (blog)
How West Africa's Ebola outbreak shapes response in DRC - Aljazeera.com
As Aid Workers Move to the Heart of Congo’s Ebola Outbreak, ‘Everything Gets More Complicated’
The Fight to Get a Vaccine to Center of Ebola Outbreak
Trump Administration Supports Response to Ebola Outbreak in Congo - The White House (blog)
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