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The Real Q Anon Exposes White Rabbit Meaning and Ai Gone Rogue
Taylor Swift Used Facial Recognition To Track Stalkers At Concert
Israel-Based Startup First To Create Lab-Grown Steak
FBI Seeks ‘Rapid DNA’ Database To Check Perps
MEDIAWATCH - Conspiracy theories abound online after Strasbourg shooting - FRANCE 24
Dragonfly: Congress Hammers Google CEO On Censorship Plans In China
Waymo Self-Driving Vans Regular Targets Of Road Rage
Facebook’s New Patent To Calculate Your Future Location
Google boss Sundar Pichai responds to vast number of YouTube conspiracy theories - The Independent
The World Is Against President Donald Trump? Of Course, It Wouldn’t Be Fair Otherwise!
IN THE PRESS - Condolences and conspiracy theories: French media react to Strasbourg shooting - FRANCE 24
Avoid Getting Your Youtube Video Banned Without Compromising the Message. (Low-Tech)
Will she, wont she survive vote of no confidence? (21 replies)
Gravity. (30 replies)
The Dark Side of the Moon part 2 (17 replies)
There is only one thing you need for a middle class (19 replies)
Chinese say boycott US products (21 replies)
Why is the DHS telling people to prepare (43 replies)
Judge Orders Stormy Daniels To Pay Donald Trump Nearly $300K In Legal Fees (76 replies)
U.N. Secretary General seeks to promote global migration pact amid objections (32 replies)
Trump, Pelosi, Shumer and the Wall (153 replies)
Breaking, shots fired in Strasbourg, France (50 replies)
PIERS MORGAN: You hired me before, Mr President, so hire me again ... (21 replies)
PolitiFacts Lie of the Year goes to conspiracy theories attacking Parkland students - Austin American-Statesman
NASA offers to show proof of moon landing to Warriors’ Stephen Curry (60 replies)
5G Is A Wrong Way Driver On The Highway Of Scientific Inquiry
What The World Needs (20 replies)
Like “Blade Runner”, Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Here to Stay
Historic? DeepMind’s AlphaZero AI Shows Human-Like Intuition
The Redneck Riots (105 replies)
Who will be next UK Prime Minister, when and how? (109 replies)
NVIDIA shows off AI generated graphics... (no engine) (25 replies)
You Snooze, You Lose: How Insurers Dodge The Costs Of Popular Sleep Apnea Devices
Her Life's a Sprint, Legacy Long Running
Russian pop star who set up notorious Trump Tower meeting says it was useless and a total joke (44 replies)
Triangular UFO Caught On Night Vision On December 8 In Melbourne, Australia (17 replies)
Agenda 21 2030 - Carbon Tax - ride sharing and self-driving cars - Full assault on rural areas (19 replies)
Qanon December 10 – Deep State Fake Out?
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she is Jewish (46 replies)
Help me to understand. . . . . (138 replies)
US committed to record defense spending at 750 billion (49 replies)
Tim Ball: Is Robert Mueller A Technocrat Operative?
Technocracy In China Completely Intolerant Of Christian Churches
Australia Sets Legal Precedent For Cyber Snooping
Checking weapons for functionality - dont take it as a given its same as when put away (2 replies)
Nuclear Doomsday Ahead: Are You Prepard? Technology Will Fail You, How Glyphosate Is Making You Sick, Climate Change 9/11 Truth From MIT Engineer – Who Funded the Attacks? (Video)
Mind Games! (15 replies)
Mind Games! (12 replies)
Would you have jumped? (21 replies)
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