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Mission Network News (Tue, 18 Dec 2018 - 4.5 min)
WCC General Secretary Visits Churches in Czech Republic
Why Putting Christ Back in Christmas Is Not Enough
Egypt Approves 168 More Churches
Boy Scouts Took the Inclusion Bait
American Heritage Girls Shines a Positive Light with 'Stars & Stripes Salute'
Why our Spiritual Gifts Might Not be All That Spiritual
Interview: The Best Books Are Companions, Teachers, and Hope-Givers
David Dockery's Look at the Notable Books of 2018
Coptic Solidarity Presses for Urgent Protection of Egypt's Imperiled Coptic Christians
Mission Network News (Mon, 17 Dec 2018 - 4.5 min)
Federal Judge Rules Obamacare is Unconstitutional 
'Jesus Take the Wheel': Muslim Congresswoman Mocks Pence's Faith in Viral Tweet
Will John Chau Help or Harm Missions in India?
We Were Women Comforted by Shared Pain
Reading The Jesus Storybook Bible in Iceland
Philippine Church Hasn’t Heard These Bells on Christmas Day for 117 Years
Max Lucado Reveals Past Sexual Abuse at Evangelical #MeToo Summit
Karen Swallow Prior: Good Books Make Better People
Hundreds Accuse Independent Baptist Pastors of Abuse
Harvest Bible Chapel Disputes World Investigation of James MacDonald
Christmas Is Really Act 2
All Faith Groups, Evangelicals Included, Need to Reflect on #MeToo
4 Reasons to Believe in the Christmas Miracle
“Something Is Wrong Here”: U.S. Stocks Plunge Again And Are Having Their Worst Quarter In 7 Years
Not Guilty? Former FEC Commissioner Says Cohen and Trump Didn't Violate Campaign Finance Law
Boy Scouts considering bankruptcy after abuse lawsuits, years of LGBT appeasement
DC Circuit judges skeptical of Planned Parenthood’s challenge to federal grant changes
'We Are Expecting Miracles': Pat Boone Asks for Prayer for Wife's Failing Health
Kentucky bill would make it a felony for doctors to abort babies with beating hearts
UK to ban ads featuring traditional male and female roles
U of Iowa Booted a Dozen Religious Groups from Campus, Now a Huge Faith and Freedom Fight Is Underway
'Heaven Has Gained Another Hero!' Champion of 'Charismatic Renewal' Rev. Ralph Wilkerson Passes Into Eternity
Is the Irish debate on abortion really over?
PRAYER LINK 'The Year of Ownership': Police Chaplain Who Prophesied Trump's Win Shares What's Ahead for 2019
'We've Been Guilty of a Sinful Absence of Historical Curiosity': SBC Admits White Supremacist Roots
Irish Senate passes abortion bill, approves killing babies on demand
Democrats’ solution to ‘climate change’ will lead to an economic crash of ‘unforeseen proportions’
Baptism-style ceremony for men who ‘transition’ to female? Why Church of England has imploded
Ontario sex-ed consultation ends midnight Dec. 14. Parents, act now
Ontario sex-ed consultation ends Dec. 15. Parents, act now
Two Israeli Soldiers Killed in Second Drive-by Shooting in Five Days
Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Files New Answers Under Oath About Email System - Used it for the 'Purpose of Convenience'
Democratic Politician Arrested for Disciplining 7-Year-Old by Spanking Facing Up to 6 Months in Jail if Convicted
Pro-life medical expert tells Congressional panel aborted baby tissue isn’t necessary for research
Texas Lawmaker Files Bill That Would Allow Display of Ten Commandments in Public School Classrooms
Why the Pope's New Version of the Lord's Prayer May Not Be the Best: Biblical Truth About God and Temptation
‘The City's Actions Are Creating a Severe Human Cost’: Philly to Ban Catholic Agency from Foster Care Unless it Backs Gay Relationships
Anti-Catholic Jokes Still Okay
Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Urgently Provided Classified 'Russiagate' Documents to Multiple Senators Immediately Ahead of Trump Inauguration
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