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A good read via @nytimes. The welfare of these animals should be the top priority, not profit or collector demand.…
A huge thanks to everyone who spoke out against the #elephanttrophies decision last week. The US administration is……
Alternative medicine puts animals at risk, say vets - The Times
Rabies confirmed in animals found in Superstition Mountain area - AZFamily
Second 'PAWS' bill seeks further protections for animals - My Fox Boston
Should I'm A Celebrity stop using animals in Bushtucker Trials? - Radio Times
Animal Rescue: Over 100 animals fly to DC from Puerto Rico, dogs up for adoption in Md. - WJLA
For animals, zoos turn to be unhappy places - Deccan Chronicle
RAIL ALERT: Animals on line cause disruption at Uckfield - Sussex Express
The happy day when our partner the Marine Mammals of Maine released Higgins and Orchard, 2 harbour seals, back into……
The happy day when our partner the Marine Mammals of Maine released 2 harbour seals, Higgins and Orchard back into……
Party animals to support real animals - North Shore News
Can animals think? And if they can, is it right to treat them as we do? -
More than 100 animals seized in La Plata County after animal cruelty investigation - The Denver Channel
After Wild Boar Surrendered in San Francisco Experts Say, 'Wild Animals Are Not Pets' - NBC Bay Area
More than 100 animals dead after fire at Alberta dairy farm -
Have you heard of microplastics? They are hurting marine animals and making them sick. Find out what we're doing ab……
UPDATE: US President Trump has reversed the government’s decision to allow imports of elephant trophies from Zimbab……
The Nonhuman Rights Project Advocates For Zoo Animals - NPR
In Switzerland, a 161-year-old organization that champions animals - Christian Science Monitor
These are the world's most endangered animals - Metro
Kenny Chesney Helps Hundreds of Animals in US Virgin Islands - Taste of Country
Smich said incinerator was meant for farm animals, trial hears - CTV News
Native Americans Gave Places, Animals, Plants Their Names - Voice of America
Ever Seen a Shark Walk? Tiny Animals Amaze on PBS - Live Science
Here's a nice story for a Friday: The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation succeeded in releasing 12 orangutans bac……
When oxygen disappeared, early marine animals really started ... - Science Magazine
The Rock Fights Giant Monster Animals in the First Rampage Trailer - GQ Magazine
Donald Trump vs. elephants and other wild animals: The administration continues to show callous disregard for ... - New York Daily News
Borth zoo owners say 300 wild animals will need to be rehomed if they are shutdown - Daily Post North Wales
Aquarium of Niagara gives animals a second chance at life - WKBW-TV
These Home Depot Team Members Went Above and Beyond to Help Animals in Need! - One Green Planet
Tyavarekoppa safari prepares master plan for display of animals - The Hindu
Bird-brained atheists sue shelter over 'blessing of the animals' - Fox News
Rush hour collisions with animals - BayToday
Unexpected friendships between animals and their humans - Washington Post
Animals left in hot trailer face certain death - Krugersdorp News
CRISPR could revolutionize livestock breeding—if people will eat gene-edited animals - Genetic Literacy Project
The Barn Sanctuary offers rescued animals a refuge in Chelsea -
Farmers Should Stop Using Antibiotics On Animals Because It Is Making Humans Sick, Warns WHO -
Woman banned from keeping animals after attempting to cure cat's cancer with manuka honey - Evening Standard
Telford-based PDSA's century of helping sick animals -
These animals have the fastest circadian clocks found in nature -
Indonesia park visitors reported to police for giving animals alcohol - AsiaOne
Bark & Whine benefit celebrates 150 years of protecting animals - Main Line
Christmas bazaar to benefit homeless animals - East Bay Times
Committee urges MU to end use of live animals in medical training - Columbia Missourian
We're appalled at US's decision to allow imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia, reversing the 2014……
'Emotional Support' Pig Kicked off Plane: Why Are These Animals Allowed on Board? - Newsweek
Where Do Urban Animals Go When Their Habitats Disappear? - CityLab
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