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“Many captive big cats are kept in inhumane conditions, pose a threat to the community, create a burden for law enf……
Bears, like most wild animals, are also highly unpredictable and people around the world have been mauled or attack……
The way animals are treated in Liberia is changing, and children are leading the way - Mother Nature Network
We hope this #seal can be rescued. Entanglements like this can cause injuries, mutilations and even death.……
'Hobby breeder' made 108 animals live in feces in Washtenaw Co. home - Detroit Free Press
Attacks by rabid animals in Brunswick - Times Record
Group rescues 100 animals from "deplorable" situation - WLNS
These animals can only be found in Africa and nowhere else - Face2Face Africa
Farmer who left pigs feasting on rotting bodies of dead animals in barns jailed - Metro
Bears at the Romanian #Sanctuary are playing in the pool. Tune in live now!
Incredible global collaboration to curb the #illegalwildlifetrade.…
Caution! Animals at work - - WISC-TV3
Great news that one more monkey circus has been shut down. And they’ll be converting the former circus space into a……
Delta bans 'pit bull type' dogs as service animals - people are not happy - CANOE
Calling people animals is an insult to animals - Courier Mail
Animals are becoming nocturnal to avoid human beings - Eyewitness News
The world's animals are getting their very own Facebook - Fast Company
Mitchell students amplify voices of marginalized people and animals - Richmond News
New food safety rules condemn millions of Canadian animals to suffer, say advocates - National Observer
The dark side of tourism: Are you abusing animals for holiday fun? -
15 Adorable Animals That Can Sleep Pretty Much Anywhere - Reader's Digest
Neglected animals rescued after roofers report foul smell coming from home -
Review: American Animals is a cinematic beast of burden - The Globe and Mail
Signs, crossings could save animals and money: Waterloo study - CTV News
Swapping a cage for a barn: Can lab animals be studied in the wild? - Science Magazine
Animals Up Close 2018 - WTRF
How Does the Summer Solstice Affect Animals? - Live Science
Canada’s Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act clears Senate
Review: American Animals is a remarkable hybrid heist movie ... - NOW Magazine
Gene-edited farm animals are on their way - BBC News - - BBC News
Parasites Can Mind-Control Animals Without Infecting Them - The Atlantic
Incredible news! After months of tirelessly working behind the scenes, we’ve been told that Rangila will finally be……
Some Animals Take Turns While Talking, Just Like Humans. Why? - Smithsonian
Thanks to our incredible supporters, 161,000 #animals in #Mongolia have received emergency aid to help them survive……
Torture, death of puppy sparks outrage in Turkey ahead of elections
Canada’s dirty little secret: #BeCrueltyFree video exposes animal testing for cosmetics.
We’re thrilled to be funding a barn in @elephanthaven, Europe’s first sanctuary for retired circus elephants, in th……
Happy #naturephotgraphyday. Unfortunately images like this are far too common because of #ghostgear.
Freed circus #elephants are getting their first European retirement home!…
#Guatemalavolcano: “Right now, our work is to help those animals in dire need; injured, without food or water and a……
Great example of a program that recycles #GhostGear - cleaning up our #oceans, protecting marine animals and helpin……
Our team is in #ottawa today #advocating for animals and discussing the problems caused by #ghostgear.
Give your papa bear a heroic #FathersDay gift that helps protect animals. Shop our online catalogue to find the per……
Does the US have a pet tiger problem? via @BBCWorld…
Police launch animal cruelty investigation after decapitated geese found in Toronto
Great news! We’ve teamed up with Elephant Haven to help fund Europe’s first #elephant #sanctuary for former circus……
Great to speak with @WayneEaster today about protecting our oceans by tackling #ghostgear.
Protecting #oceans means acting to reduce #ghostgear.
Tackling #ghostgear will help meet Canada's commitment to reduce #plasticpollution.
Exciting project that may play an important role in ending the captivity of cetaceans!… @Whale_Sanctuary
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